Training and getting ready for Elbrus!

January 16, 2016
    With just 6 months to go before we climb the mighty Elbrus the time has come to put in as many winter miles as we can. Although Elbrus is not technical in any way. We will not take our winter conditioning lightly. We are pushing our bodies every chance  ... Read more

 Training on Mt Baldy

January 28, 2015
Mt Baldy, My home and my base for Training. Simply  the best place in So Cal to train at elevation. We are so lucky to have these mountains in our back yard. With a summit elevation of just over 10,000ft. Miles and Miles of trails to stretch your legs on. We are  ... Read more

 Mckinley Training on Mcadie

January 27, 2015
The time has come. Grabed the big boots and heavy pack, headed for Mt Mcadie. Starting at 8000ft we headed to our base camp just below 12,000ft. It was a long but fun haul up the snowy mountains. Basecamp was at a calm and frozen Consultation lake. Set up camp. Melte  ... Read more

 Training in Ecuador

October 31, 2014
Well, it’s been a quick 6 months since I lost 2 ft. of my intestines to Crohns.  I have managed to get my body back into climbing shape and train at high altitude again.  Decided to head down to Equador with a good friend, Edgar Parra, and climb as mu  ... Read more

 Back at It!

June 19, 2014
Many of you already know that not only do I suffer from Diabetes but I also Suffer from Crohn"s. I lost a battle with Crohn's and had to have 2ft of my intestine removed. It was a painfull recovery. I have finally gained weight and am back on the trails. We  ... Read more

 The Running Game

September 4, 2013
Run2Top This Labor day the Run2Top race series was held right here at the training camp of Bicksler7- Mt Baldy, CA. The more I train the more I understand how important running is to my training! I never thought I would turn into a runner.  After runnin  ... Read more

 Mt Baldy Training Camp

January 27, 2013
With a quick break in the weather it allowed us to hit the trails today! Speed, Speed, Speed was todays game. We headed up towards Bear Flats and pushed as hard as we could . With no summit in mind we were pushing ourself to the limit for a designed time. Keep th  ... Read more

 Training for Aconcagua

December 6, 2012
As the Local Mountains begin to get there winter coat the time has come to start training for Aconcagua. Mt Whitney is our choice spot to climb some ice and brave the cold at 11,000elv. We decided to head up the mountaineers route to LBS lake and set up basecamp. Thi  ... Read more

 Mt Rainier July 2012

July 6, 2012
Training and Climbing on Mt Rainier is always a great adventure.  Day 1 started with sorting out gear and self rescue training at the Whittaker's Basecamp, which is located just outside the park. On Day 2 we were up early to catch our ride up the mounta  ... Read more

 Mt Shasta Hotlum Glacier

June 3, 2012
What a great 4 days on Mt Shasta, Hotlum Glacier climb and crevasse training! With a perfect team of 4, Adam, Casey, Mike, and I headed out to train and climb Mt Shasta via the Hotlum Glacier, starting at the Northgate trailhead. Camp 1 was made at the trailhead due  ... Read more

 Self Rescue Training!

May 7, 2012
The Shasta team is starting to come together. Route plannng, gear planning, and yes the most important of all, Safety! Adam, Casey, and Tommy B headed up to old Mt Baldy to do some crevase and self rescue training. Mt Shasta may only be 14,000elv. but we do w  ... Read more

 Trail Running

April 13, 2012
Run Run Run Training is such a huge part of climbing the 7 Summits. Keeping your body healthy as a Diabetic means eating right and staying in shape. We use the local trails to log in some good trail runs during the week! It is not uncommon to see us running 5+ mi  ... Read more

 Whitney Ice Climbing

April 12, 2012
Mt Whitney 2012 Mt Whitney, another favorite place of ours to get some good winter training in! This year was great for Ice Climbing. We did not get our usual snow levels this year which left many Ice falls exposed and ready to climb. We made it up the Mountainee  ... Read more

 Mt Baldy Training - 'Double Summit'

April 12, 2012
Double Mt Baldy Summit in one day! Growing up with Mt Baldy in my back yard has been great!  It is such a great place to train. Mt Baldy stands at Elv.10,065 and is always a butt kicker no matter how many times you make that trek to the summit! I have camped  ... Read more