The Running Game


This Labor day the Run2Top race series was held right here at the training camp of Bicksler7- Mt Baldy, CA. The more I train the more I understand how important running is to my training! I never thought I would turn into a runner.  After running and climbing the Mt Baldy area for the last several years I entered the Run2Top for the second year in a row.  I love the feeling at the end of a great race.  It is quite a sense of accomplishment to stand on the summit of Mt Baldy with 300 other runners.  This year was tough since I did not have enough hours or miles of training but I decided I would do it any way. If nothing, this would at least be another training run for Bicksler7. The race includes 7 miles of hell straight up the Backbone Trail. What you normally would hike, became the race course for the run. This was what I call a SufferFest.  

Overall it was a great feeling once I completed the race and Bicksler7 was proud to be a part of it all.