Mckinley Training on Mcadie

The time has come. Grabed the big boots and heavy pack, headed for Mt Mcadie. Starting at 8000ft we headed to our base camp just below 12,000ft. It was a long but fun haul up the snowy mountains. Basecamp was at a calm and frozen Consultation lake. Set up camp. Melted snow. Checked the sugar levels and hit the sack. It was going to be an early alpine start up to the summit of Mcadie. 3am came quick. Head lamps on and we were off. We made good time up to the Arc. We were now in the middle of high winds and nasty snow conditions. It was slow going up to the summit. Making it less than 100 feet from the summit. We decided the conditions were just to risky to try and down climb from the summit. It was perfect training and a great test for what we will face in May on Mt Mckinley. Just an awesome weekend of training for Bicksler7.