Training for Aconcagua

As the Local Mountains begin to get there winter coat the time has come to start training for Aconcagua. Mt Whitney is our choice spot to climb some ice and brave the cold at 11,000elv. We decided to head up the mountaineers route to LBS lake and set up basecamp. This would be our home for two days of fun and hard work running up and down the ice falls of Mt Whitney. Mt Whitney has not had alot of great conditions in a while and this can make the approach super easy or very tuff. This time it wasnt bad. My goal this winter is to spend a good amount of time at high elevation and in the cold. Aconcagua is very different from Kilimanjaro and the training will require much more tent time at alot colder temps. Here is a few photos of  Bicksler7 Training on the ice and snow in Mt Whitney!