7 Summits

 Mt Elbrus 18,510ft

June 26, 2018
Mt Elbrus 2016 Its been a long time in the making and we finally did it! We stood on top of Europe! The travel was insane, The views were amazing, The Russian community is awesome! Mt Elbrus stands at 18,510ft on the west summit and was a long crawl to get there.  ... Read more

 Mt Mckinley 2015

June 25, 2015
Mt Mckinley  ... Read more

 Aconcagua 2013

January 5, 2014
LAX-MIA-SCL-MDZ. After a long flight, the adventure truly started at Mendoza where I got my bags and finally met the Team!  We arrived quickly to the Hotel and began the process of laying out our gear and planning logistics.  We only had 3 short days t  ... Read more

 Kilimanjaro 2012

October 23, 2012
The Bicksler7 summit attempt started off with a 24hr flight to JRO (Los Angeles - Detroit - Amsterdam - Kilimanjaro).  My cell phone was lost somewhere in Amsterdam and therefore I had no contact with the rest of the world for the 10 days we were in Africa. Howe  ... Read more

 Denali 2018 Success!

November 30, -0001
Denali 2018   One could say Denali is the 3rd Pole. With Brutally cold temps and Nasty winds Denali never makes things easy. Climbing Denali becomes a major challenge for Type 1 Diabetic Tom Bicksler as he prepares to try and use the New Medtronic 670G Insul  ... Read more