Mt Shasta Hotlum Glacier

What a great 4 days on Mt Shasta, Hotlum Glacier climb and crevasse training! With a perfect team of 4, Adam, Casey, Mike, and I headed out to train and climb Mt Shasta via the Hotlum Glacier, starting at the Northgate trailhead. Camp 1 was made at the trailhead due to getting there late from the long travel day.  I flew in from LAX as the rest of the team drove up from San Diego. Snowy and cold conditions, we quickly made camp and headed to bed, wanting to get an early start to head up to 10,000Elv. and set up Basecamp. A quick hike in the morning got us to our perfect basecamp at around 10,000Elv.  We shoveled out our tent spots and set up camp. Temps were  below freezing and getting colder by the minute. We all needed a good nights rest because the next day was going to be a long day of training and pulling each other out of crevasses, self rescue, and ropes training.  We found several great spots to practice lowering down in a crevasse and pull each other out.  This was a great place to nail down our self rescue and ropes training which is very much needed to ensure a safe expedition while traveling on a Glacier. After a long day of training and scouting out our route for the Shasta summit bid it was time to head back and fuel up for the big summit push up the Hotlum route to the Summit. With a 5am start we are off for the Summit.

Perfect weather; no wind, and sunny conditions, and our team of 4 took off across the Hotlum and headed towards the Summit.  A final 1200ft climb straight up to the summit we knew it was going to be a tough day. It wasn't long before our Team Captain Adam Burch found the best route and set several anchors to get Bicksler7 to the summit safe and sound. Thanks to Adam, Casey and Mike for making this a great trip and a successful Summit.  Checking my sugar levels was a major part of this trip and training. I check 3 times a day and keep my meds within arms reach. All went well!