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Tom BickslerWelcome to Bicksler 7 and thank you for following me as I climb all "Seven Summits" and fight diabetes!

This site is dedicated to showing the world that it is possible to overcome challenges and achieve your dreams. There are many things that affect our lives, both long term and short term. Bicksler 7 is just that! Overcoming challenges and climbing to the top of the world. I encourage all of you to do the same and hope that this site will provide motivation to do just that. Bicksler 7 is here to raise awareness about diabetes and how it plays a major role in many people's lives.

Approximately 180 million people in the world have diabetes. The number of people with diabetes continues to grow each year. Proper food and fitness can help people live a healthy lifestyle and to demonstrate a commitment to that lifestyle, Bicksler 7 sets off on a mission to climb the seven summits and hopefully motivating people to eat right and be active.

You can watch as I achieve my goals and prove to the world that people can reach their goals as well. Bicksler 7 is asking for donations to help support some of the costs associated with the mission. Sponsor Bicksler 7 by donating today!

People affected by diabetes do have Hope and can live healthy & active lifestyles. Bicksler 7 not only wants to share a great story with the world, but also give people the encouragement needed to achieve their own goals.

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Show the love and lend a hand to the Bicksler 7. Visit our donations page to learn more about how you can help the cause to fight diabetes!


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