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Mt Baldy Training - 'Double Summit'

Post Date: April 12, 2012

Double Mt Baldy Summit in one day!

Growing up with Mt Baldy in my back yard has been great!  It is such a great place to train. Mt Baldy stands at Elv.10,065 and is always a butt kicker no matter how many times you make that trek to the summit! I have camped on the summit many times both winter and summer. I have climbed the bowl during the winter. I have have made the summit both day and night. Only thing left for me to do was to up the challenge. Summit Mt Baldy multiple times in one day.

I decided to hike the Baldy trail to the summit with my good buddy Derek on a friday as a warm-up. I then set out Saturday morning to summit twice. Leaving Manker Flats at around 630am, I figured if I keep a decent pace there will be plenty of time to make it before dark. There was not much snow so I did not need to carry much gear! I arrived at the summit around 9am and quickly headed down Devils Backbone, back to Manker Flats. Round one was complete. Making a sharp right on the fire road I headed back to the Ski Hut for my second Summit. I made Summit number two about 2pm. Just in time for lunch. At this point I was in no hurry it was all downhill from here.

What an awsome day on one of my favorite mountains. Mt Baldy always kicks my butt. I love it.


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